Youth club

The Modena Golf & Country Club has a long tradition linked to its "Youth Club", which is not only a course aimed at young people who have approached the game of golf, but is a real meeting point and a growth opportunities for these kids.
Professional players such as Andrea Romano, Vittorio Andrea Vaccaro, Cesare Turchi, Luca Prampolini, Jacopo Vecchi Fossa and Luca Cianchetti have emerged from our youth sector.
The courses are developed on two fronts.
One for agonists, aimed at children with a playing handicap or patent who demonstrate, in addition to playing skills, also the attitude and willingness to improve.
The other course is instead planned for the "Youth Club" and is precisely aimed at the youngest who are approaching this sport.
Participants are divided into two groups distinguished by ability, level of play, willingness to apply, behavior and dedication shown during training.
Collective classes are given to start sports without neglecting playful and motor activities.
For some years Modena Golf has properly partnered with Massimo Scarpa in order to follow and encourage this sector, always with our Masters.
The goal is to allow the most deserving students to take part in the planned activities of the Italian Golf Federation, with the acquisition of the handicap and with the relative participation in youth competitions, then having the opportunity to be included in the competitive national activity.